Training Tips from Brian MacKenzie of CrossFit Endurance

  1. Eat real food!
  2. Remove grain from the diet (all grain).
  3. Get in the Zone
  4. Train with real exercises! The body responds to food and training the same way. It reacts and adapts to functional eating and training better than it does to isolative, non-functional exercise, and supplemented food. Contrary to making your life easier, bars, shakes, and supplemented food are not going to make you leaner, or fitter.
  5. Treat each exercise as its own unique skill. Once the skill has been learned, exploit it with intensity.
  6. Remember: Running is a skill.
  7. Make sure you are competent in all forms of energy. Being more aerobically inclined does not make you fit. You should be just as capable as turning over energy in 2 seconds as you are in 24 hours. Repeatedly!

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