Stamina and Interval-Why we do both at Crossfit Endurance!

You may notice on our weekly Endurance schedule that we have two different types of workouts.  One is Interval and the other is Stamina. The first question everyone asks is “what does that mean?” and secondly, “what is an example workout?”  Let’s take a look at each.

Interval, which by definition, is specific training for short  or middle distance runners; it can be called “speed work” or “track work”.  At Crossfit Endurance, our interval workouts are high intensity with small periods of rest in between each set.  An example would be 5 rounds of 400 meter row or run with a 2 minute rest in between sets.  Interval workouts are designed to get your heart rate high while building incredible endurance.  As such they are especially good  when training for high-intensity, speed workouts such as Fran or Helen. Doing interval workouts is great training grounds to improve your time and performance in a fast way.

Stamina workouts are the combination of energy and strength continuing to do something over a long period of time.  These workouts build endurance to maintaining activity for long periods of time; these are workouts in which many long distance runners excel.  Examples of these workouts are a 5k or a 10k run or row.  They help equip your body to continue though a workout over long periods of time.  Stamina workouts should only be performed once a week, and possibly twice a week if you are really advanced in your endurance.  This is the primary reason why in an entire week of our class schedule you will only see two stamina workouts and five interval workouts.

Every athlete should deal in both interval and stamina workouts; especially in the Crossfit world. We are not just training for one specific thing; we are trying to become a well rounded athlete in many different areas.  Crossfit Endurance works hand in hand with the Crossfit motto of constantly varied, functional movements at a high intensity and combining Interval and Stamina workouts together will help you reach peak performance!

Which workout type do you enjoy most…Interval or Stamina AND Why?


One Response to “Stamina and Interval-Why we do both at Crossfit Endurance!”

  1. Hey kids! I LOVE the interval workouts! As you know, I’m no runner and for the most part HATED running. That’s why I wanted to take this class. It’s amazing how much better I feel about my running and really quite remarkable how far I’ve come since starting the classes just a few short weeks ago. I’ll work into loving the stamina classes, I’m sure, but for now interval classes are the bomb!

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