Fuel everyone needs it!!

Everyone is always wondering what to eat before and after there workouts, and what supplements are good and which ones to stay clear of.  The only real supplement Crossfit promots is fish oil and if you have been around the box long enough you know what fish oil is and how great it is for you!  Food is your main and number one fuel, we have all learned a great deal about what to eat and what not to eat especially those of us participation in the Paleo Challenge right now.  We all want to perform at our highest level in every workout we do no matter if it’s a Monday morning workout or the dreaded hump day Thursday as I like to call it.

Here are a couple great articles from the Crossfit journal on Fuel and what to do and especially what not to do before, during and after your workouts. 

Let us know some of your secrets for fueling before and after your workouts be it food, supplements or what ever you may use.




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