Action Brings Motivation ….

Mobility work before the EWOD

This is a great blog from CrossFit Anaerobic Inc. check it out:

Whether you are a parent, child, boss, employee or coach you have faced the dilemma of trying to motivate someone to do what you want them to or to exceed their potential. There are as many different ways to motivate as there are personalities. Finding the right motivational tool to fit the personality is a fun challenge I get to face daily as a coach.

In college I had a professor that would say “Action brings Motivation”. His theory was in order to get motivated you need to get moving first, once in action you will be motivated by the results you see. I tend to side with my professor.  But how do you initiate the spark? How do you “push” someone into Action? That is the conundrum we have all faced. Do an internet search and you will come up with close to 60 million articles and 25,000 books on the topic.

Inspirational words or tactics work for some but have the opposite effects on others. There is an old prayer, where a saint is walking along the road in his bare feet, his shoes long ruined and discarded. He prayed for shoes. Just then he saw a man without feet! He withdrew his prayer, and thanked God for all his blessings. You need no more to become motivated than to realize if you are reasonably healthy, and have the basics of life, you are more than well off.

Your motivation then should be to be better in what you do, how you look, what you say, and most of all, how you are. One needs no more than to realize most of the people in the world do not have the basics of life, yet they survive. If you ponded that thought, your motivation comes of itself.

Just like the spark comes before the flame, action comes before motivation. But of course if there isn’t anything flammable near the spark then there will be no fire.  So you can’t have action for very long without motivation, the flammable material. The fire is the burning desire that makes the engine go.


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