A CrossFit Endurance Athlete’s Testimonial ….

Here is a great testimonial from a CrossFit Endurance Athlete that just participated in the New York City Marathon, Here is the power of CrossFit Endurance!!!


In 2009, I signed up to run my first marathon through Team in Training. I
squeezed their several months of training in around a pretty busy
schedule, regularly running the relaxed weekday 3-5 mile runs at a pace so slow
that I would not sweat, thus feeling less terrible about the fact that i didn’t
have to time to squeeze in a shower before my evening tutoring gigs. When I
completed the Walt Disney World Marathon in January, 2010, I felt accomplished
in that I had crossed something off my bucket list, but overall, I felt
insufficantly prepared. I had been running for months, slogging out several runs
of mileage in the high teens and low twenties in the weeks before the race, and
yet I felt my first burst of pain in my left knee at mile 8. My legs threatened
to give out  completely at mile 25, but I fought my way to the finish in 4 hours
and 43 minutes, my muscles desperate for a reprieve after months of pounding


Fast forward to June of 2010 when I processed my guarenteed entry to the
2010 New York City Marathon through the NYRR’s 9 +1 program. At this point, I
had been crossfitting for a year and a half and was uncertain how exactly to
combine the very real benefits of high intensity, short duration training with a
marathon training program that would leave me ready to tackle 26.2 hilly miles.
Enter Brian, Crossfit Endurance Extraordinaire.


Starting in July, I prioritized three running workouts a week of his
design. Brian would prescribe times for me to hit within the varied distances –
anything from 100m sprint intervals to a 13.1 mile time trial. I can honestly
say that I approached each workout with an all-or-nothing mentality, even if it
was at 5am before work during a crazy week. This training approach allowed me to
feel like I was consistently developing additional endurance capactiy, and yet I
avoided the aches, pains, and lingering training injuries all too common in
endurance sports.


In the final weeks before the race, I started to get nervous. While I
felt eager to tackle the course, part of me feared that I’d get to mile 15 and
be unable to go any further. With 13.1 miles being my longest training run,
mileage in the 20′s sounded doubly daunting. I had to face the fact that the
last time I had run more than a half marathon distance was back in January of
2010 when I navigated my way through those theme parks in Orlando.


Race day came, the way all race days do, with the added benefit of
lingering indian summer temperatures. After months of fighting to stay within
established time intervals, I decided last minute to ditch my Nike+ technology
and just enjoy the run. I shuffled my way up to peak course elevation in mile 1,
taking in the beauty of the city from the Verrazzano and letting the endorphins
pacify any residual nerves I was feeling.


I had some sense that my first 8 miles were run at a 9 min/mile pace,
which put me ahead of schedule, but not uncomfortably so. More importantly, I
didn’t feel even remotely depleted. I kept a fairly steady pace, crossing the
13.1 line within five minutes of my half marathon PR. It wasn’t until fifth
avenue that I felt like I needed to tap into the mental reserves I had built up
between marathon 1 and 2. The fortitude that comes with jerking half your body
weight above your head or hitting your best time on the 8th and final interval
of a sprinting WOD came in handy in the 20′s. The truth is, the final 10k is
inevitably tough, and while I slowed my pace, I never felt the need to stop and
my legs, while exhausted, were free of any troublesome twinges or gnawing


I crossed the finish line in 4 hours, 12 minutes, and 38 seconds. A full
half hour faster than last time. To say I owe this improvement entirely to
Brian’s training is in no way an overstatement. I would recommend him to anyone
attempting to run their first or their fiftieth marathon, because his balanced
perspective to endurance training is an invaluable resource in a sport where it
is not uncommon for people to train at distances longer than their races. While
I’m not yet certain when, or if, I will next attempt to conquer 26.2 miles in
one shot, it is satisfying to feel confident that I could train in a fashion
that fits into my liftestyle, sixty hour work weeks and all. Ultimately, this
experience has proved to me that it is not only possible, but entirely logical,
to train less and run faster to reach my endurance goals.


One Response to “A CrossFit Endurance Athlete’s Testimonial ….”

  1. MB! You are such an inspiration ( I think this is you haha if not~then whoever wrote this is the inspiration! 🙂 keep working hard and being the fabulous role model that you are!

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