The Top 5 Places For Inspiration….


I found this blog from CrossFit La, check it out……

Where & when do you get inspired? Without thinking about it, I would answer that my ideas come sporadically and randomly. But when I actually sat down to think about it, most of the best ideas I’ve had over the years have come in specific places or situations.

1. In an airplane during a long flight
2. In the car on a long drive
3. During a seminar (topic of the seminar is irrelevant and usually unrelated to the idea)
4. During a long run
5. At 5am, drinking a cup of tea, in an a still, quiet and empty house before anyone else is up.

Note to self… Keep this list and USE IT when “stuck” and in need of a breakthrough. What about you… where do you go for inspiration… and/or what do you do?

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