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Happy Monday!

Posted in CF Endurance Philosophy on November 15, 2010 by Crossfit Sioux Falls

Helping Prevent and Cure Plantar Fasciitis …..

Posted in CF Endurance Philosophy on November 10, 2010 by Crossfit Sioux Falls

Here is a great video from the one and only Kelly Starrett on great movements and stretching technique to help with Plantar Fasciitas …

The LA Rock and Roll Marathon was a HUGE Success!!!

Posted in CF Endurance Philosophy, Events on November 3, 2010 by Crossfit Sioux Falls

Ok everyone I have officially completed my first Rock and Roll 1/2 marathon!!!

As most  of you know, I am not a long distance runner. I decided to sign up for the marathon back in June with my mom and figured with all the pain we go through at CrossFit might at as well try a 1/2 marathon!

I started training with just CrossFit Endurance Training. I have never done a conventional training program, so I was going to put Crossfit Endurance to the test.

I trained with traditional CrossFit 6 times a week and endurance 3 to 4 times a week. I have never ran over 8 miles in my life (nor did I have a desire to), so I thought Endurance would be perfect.

In the 4 months leading up to the race I ran 13 miles once, and averaged 6:30 to 7 minute miles the whole time in August. After that run the farthest I ever went was 3 miles at a time.

As Sunday approached, I had no idea what to expect…. I had gotten the flu the week before and I did not know how my body would hold up or if it would for 13 miles.

The day before the race I decided to do a WOD and an hour of cardio and run stairs, (maybe not the brightest to all you runners out there) but I really wanted to stick to my normal CrossFit routine.

On race day I felt great, the weather was perfect; no smog and the route was beautiful. The first 7 miles I stayed with my mom, we had a great pace and we were both feeling good. Then, my mom slowed a bit and in order to stay in POSE form I had to run at a faster pace or I would cramp.

I went on ahead and with no IPOD (and for those of you that know me and the importance music has to me) this is HUGE …. and I maintained 6 to 6:45 pace the whole time. As I approached mile 12 I decided to pick up the pace and get her done! So I finished my last mile in 5:43 and as I ran over the red carpet I wanted to scream TIME!!!

This experience really proved that my strength in CrossFit and my Endurance training really paid off!! I was not sore the next day and I didn’t even get a blister (I ran in my nike frees). It also taught me that my CrossFit Sioux Falls family’s support really pushed me to another level; I wanted to make you guys proud so when it hurt I pushed, when my mind said stop my body said NO!! So I thank all of you for your words of encouragement day in and day out, and especially leading up to the race!!!

The best part of the marathon was being able to run it with my mom!! She trained CrossFit and CrossFit Endurance all on her own, and she did and amazing job! The feeling of running with her across the finish line was monumental!!!

CrossFitters … go out of your BOX (no pun intended) and prove to yourself that you can do something you never thought you could!

Action Brings Motivation ….

Posted in CF Endurance Philosophy on October 22, 2010 by Crossfit Sioux Falls

Mobility work before the EWOD

This is a great blog from CrossFit Anaerobic Inc. check it out:

Whether you are a parent, child, boss, employee or coach you have faced the dilemma of trying to motivate someone to do what you want them to or to exceed their potential. There are as many different ways to motivate as there are personalities. Finding the right motivational tool to fit the personality is a fun challenge I get to face daily as a coach.

In college I had a professor that would say “Action brings Motivation”. His theory was in order to get motivated you need to get moving first, once in action you will be motivated by the results you see. I tend to side with my professor.  But how do you initiate the spark? How do you “push” someone into Action? That is the conundrum we have all faced. Do an internet search and you will come up with close to 60 million articles and 25,000 books on the topic.

Inspirational words or tactics work for some but have the opposite effects on others. There is an old prayer, where a saint is walking along the road in his bare feet, his shoes long ruined and discarded. He prayed for shoes. Just then he saw a man without feet! He withdrew his prayer, and thanked God for all his blessings. You need no more to become motivated than to realize if you are reasonably healthy, and have the basics of life, you are more than well off.

Your motivation then should be to be better in what you do, how you look, what you say, and most of all, how you are. One needs no more than to realize most of the people in the world do not have the basics of life, yet they survive. If you ponded that thought, your motivation comes of itself.

Just like the spark comes before the flame, action comes before motivation. But of course if there isn’t anything flammable near the spark then there will be no fire.  So you can’t have action for very long without motivation, the flammable material. The fire is the burning desire that makes the engine go.

Rowing the Right Way….

Posted in CF Endurance Philosophy on October 1, 2010 by Crossfit Sioux Falls

Here is a great article on the fundamentals of rowing from Hyperfit USA…..

Check it out it will be very useful. Here is the link:

A side by side comparison of a heel strike and ball of the foot landing

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The Concept of Efficient Running…

Posted in CF Endurance Philosophy on September 20, 2010 by Crossfit Sioux Falls

April is definitely in POSE form on this 400m run

I would say 90% of us “runners”/ endurance athletes wake up or come home from work throw on their running shoes and hit the pavement. There is no real “form” to the way they run they just want to get some cardio in. 

When I am driving home, I see the same people doing the same route, running the same way and never wanting to improve or understand why they are doing what they are doing. I too, did not care how to run properly. I simply wanted to get my hour of cardio in no matter what my pace or how my form was as long as I had my hour or my 5 – 6 miles I was satisfied. Along with getting my hour or getting my miles in came knee pain, soreness and no real results to my body. 

After the running certification last summer I really started to see a difference not only was my form better, I was faster, lighter on my joints, and was getting a far better workout than before! 

So I found a little outline on the Concept of efficient running 

Key principles 

Pose is the best model out there of how to run efficiently. The principles are easy to understand, yet very detailed,and are based on sound principles of correct body mechanics combined with using the laws of nature to assist with movement. The technique promotes faster running with less injury potential. 

“Strike a pose” 

Holding the correct running posture will allow you to maintain better speed with less effort. Many runners lean forward too much by bending at the hips, which actually pushes them back behind the general center of mass. The hips should be pulled forward under the chest with the head staying in alignment as well (the head should not be forward of the body). 

Use gravity to “fall forward” 

If you just run in place by popping your heels up quickly you will notice that you start to move forward with just a tiny lean forward. You don’t have to be pushing out the back with your legs to move forward. If anything, the motion of pushing back is throwing your energy in the opposite direction of where you want to travel. Instead, try to redirect your foot forward after contact by allowing the ground reaction and muscle elasticity to pop your foot up off the ground after landing. This can only happen if you are landing under your General Center of Mass (GCM), not with your foot out in front of you. This will feel like you are running with a very compact, small step style, but in fact, your actual distance per stride may actually increase because your general center of mass will be traveling at a faster pace if you aren’t slowing yourself down with each step by landing too far in front of the body. Pull; don’t push 

Try to pull your foot straight up off the ground as your GCM passes over it instead of trying to push-off with the back foot to propel you forward. This keeps the form compact and quicker, while less prone to fatigue or injury because the full range of the limbs is not being used. The knees should never fully straighten at any time while running. A mistake many make is to extend the leg out the back to get a full push-off, but since the general center of mass has already passed by this is a wasted motion. 
Try running this way and see how much more efficiently you run and how much better your body feels after those miles! 
written by Annie Mello 

This Week’s EWOD breakdown:

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